Phone Experment

2/25/2011 – 7:41 pm

Imagine if you went through your address book and tried to call everyone. Some would answer, some would not, the rest would just not work because of an incorrect number or some other problem. I would expect that if I did this the “answer” rate would be spectacularly low. How might this rate compare to five, ten, twenty years ago? If those calls in the “no answer” bucket could be broken down into categories as well, like phone did not ring, left phone on vibrate, dropped call, etc I think this would be interesting as well. Over the last half-decade I would guess that responses to text messages have had a healthy dose of acceleration. Has it become more difficult to directly interrupt people over time? Has it gotten easier? Or… are we just better at managing our attention, using different communication types for different urgency levels? I would guess that phone calls have been dropping like a rock in our queuing strategies.

2011 Resolutions

12/31/2010 – 5:15 pm

2010 was a slacker resolution year for me, so unsurprisingly I was successful. Being out of commission for a few months with a broken leg didn’t hurt my ability to walk every path in Countryside. I try to go out and walk twice a day, so even though there are miles and miles of paths and roads in Countryside, this was rather easy.

For 2011 I plan to challenge myself much more. Here is what I’ve come up with so far.

Weekday Vegetarian
The food at work is quite good, and available at my favorite price. Of course the problem is that I eat too much food. I am going to avoid consuming meat (defined as flesh-of-animal) during weekdays because I think it will have a positive health benefit. In addition to being a weekday vegetarian, I will also only consume raw foods for dinner… no rice and beans, piles of pistachios, or peanut butter sandwiches.

Dry 2011
It is time to detox, and as part of fixing up my diet I am going to cut out a huge source of empty calories – alcohol. This will be a difficult challenge and there are no little loopholes or exceptions.

No Desserts (unless I make them myself)
This is mostly a resolution which will make sure that I treat a treat as a treat. It is all too easy to grab a slice of red velvet or cheesecake every day at work. This may be the most difficult resolution for me.

Lose as much weight as Stacey gains
Unfortunately I’ve plumped up quit a lot this year, packing on somewhere between 30-40 pounds. Nobody seems to believe this, but it is true. With the help of our new Withings scale we can track our changes in weight. I don’t have a specific weight target, but it would be fun to lose more weight than Stacey gains before July.

The funny little rules were clear in my mind, but just wanted to write it down here. Friday night is still meatless, but it does not carry the raw foods dinner requirement (basically that is just Monday through Thursday). I have not completely decided how holidays which fall on weekdays will work. Right now I am thinking it won’t be so hard to just stick with meatless.

Also I want to use this space to add some other stretch resolutions:

  • get my JNCIA
  • send more emails at work (this will help speed up my self-editing and get me more engaged in conversation)
  • start a dynamips/olive video podcast
  • no soda or soda-like drinks
  • no fast food (see prior year resolutions for details on what this means)
  • tracking: track exercise, track what I do at work (hamster), track weight

Adobe Flash != good

10/2/2010 – 10:31 pm

I just reached my threshold for the number of times I will type ‘killall npviewer.bin’ without at least expressing my frustraiton.